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Christmas Message 2021    
(1)                        Rtn. John Stewart Club Service
                       Ready to greet our Members and Guests
(2)            Greeting Members & Guest arriving
(3)     Margaret Bryden, Hilda Tootill & President John Tootill   (4)           Past President Brian Corker PHF with Wife Jean,
                    Rtn. Brian Straughan speaking to Guests
(5) Table 2 
       Deacon Linda Watkin,  Pauline Wilson, Ann Lawson & Dennis  Draper
  (6)                                     David Johnson,
                    Keeping us Entertained with Christmas Music 
(7)                 General View, Table 3 In the Foreground   (8)   Table 3                          Guests,
             Brian Straughan  Secretary PP, Rtn. George Natrass                 
(9)   Table 4   Linda Watson PP PHF, Mavis Lindley & Treasurer
                           David Lindley PP PHF  and Guests                                  
(10)   Table 4                               International Chair, Rtn. Alex Nelson
(11) Table 2   Rtn. Jennifer Wilson &  Ian Wilson   (12)   Table 3    Nancy Holden,  Bill Holden PP PHF & Guests
(13) General View, Table 2 In the Foreground (14)     President John Tootill Addresses the Meeting     
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