A Centenary Concert to commemorate the end of World War 1 which ended in November 1918.

Performed, on Saturday 3rd November 2018, in the Church of St Mary & St Cuthbert, 
Chester-le-Street Co Durham, by kind permission of the Vicar, Rev David Tully.

Presented by Past-President Fred Richards PHF, and members of the
Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street, Co Durham.

All proceeds, totalling £3000.00, went to support the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal..

Photographs courtesy of Helen Jobson, Photographer.
Website: http://www.helenjobsonphotographer.com/about.htm




The Reception Before The Concert

1. Mrs Susan Snowdon, Lord Lieutenant of County Durham, with Major Colin Miller, Director of Music, Army Cadet Force, Chester-le-Street, and two of his Musicians.

2. President David Lindley PHF & Mrs Mavis Lindley, of Chester-le-Street Rotary Club.

3. (l-r): President David Lindley PHF & Mrs Mavis Lindley, with Past-President Jim Lawrece PHF & Mrs Edna Lawrence of Chester-le-Street Rotary Club.

4. (l-r) Rev. David Tully, Vicar St Mary & St Cuthbert Church, Chester-le-Street, Major Liz Hancock, Salvation Army Chester-le-Street & District Governor (DG) Stewart Atkin, Rotary District North-east.

5. (l-r) : Mrs Beryl Pratt & husband Mr Malcom Pratt MBE DL, with Past-President Jim Lawrece PHF.

6. (l-r): Mrs Christine Atkin, DG Stewart Atkin, Rotarian John Stewart, Past-President Linda Watson PHF, Mrs Freda Stewart & Past-President Kevin Jobson, Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street

7. Councillors Mr Alan & Mrs Beattie Bainbidge with Assistant Chief Constable Dave Orford, Durham Constabulary.

8. Inspector David Coxon, Durham Constabulary, Neighbourhood Inspector at Chester-Le-Street with his daughter Harriet Coxon.

9. Rev. Mark Harrison, Curate, with his wife Mrs Julie Harrison, and Mrs Christine Tully.

10. Two young members of the local Air Cadet Unit, Chester-le-Street.

11. Mrs Kate Phillips, Past-President Alex Nelson, Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street, and Mrs Christine Atkin.

12. Past-President Alex Nelson and Past-President Kevin Jobson both of the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street

13. (l-r): Past-President Kevin Jobson, Mrs Alice Ingram with her husband Major Eric Ingram MBE, Deputy Lord Lieutenant Tyne & Wear and County President Royal British Legion, Northumbria.

14. (l-r):  Local Air and Sea Cadets welcoming guests as they arrive at the Reception.

15. (l-r): Dr Len Featherstone, Mrs Christine Tully, and Durham Police & Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg,

16.  (r-l): Councillor & Mrs Danny Wood with their guest (far left).

17. Rotarian John & Mrs Freda Stewart.

18. (l-r): Past-President Alex Nelson, Rev David Tully, Past President Fred Richards PHF, Councillor Simon Henig, Leader Durham County Council, and Rt. Hon. Kevan Jones MP for North Durham.

19. Centre-piece above the altar of the Chrch of St Mary & St Cuthbert

20. Rev. David Tully, Vicar of St Mary & St Cuthberts Church, Chester-le-Street, welcomes people to his Church and to enjoy the concert.






21. (Photo left): Mrs Majorie Dodds, Tonw Crier of Chester-le-Street, narrates the order of the Concert and does so brilliantly throughout the evening.

The Band and Bugles of Durham Army Cadet Force.

22. Director of Music, Major Colin Miller BA(Hons), Mus Ed, Durham Army Cadet Force, opens the evening by inroducing the Band & Bugles of Durham Army Cadet Force .

23. Opening with the Sir John Moore Fanfare, followed by Prince Consort's Own, Dambusters, Danny Boy, Old Salamanca, Lines of Torres Vedras.




24. Memorial Cross in Remembrance of the Officers and Men of the Durham Light Infantry Who Fell on 5th November 1918 During WW1.

Jane Westwater, Director of Music, Sunderland College.

25. Jane Westwater singing and playing wonderfully - pieces from the Sound of Music, Edelweiss, Something Good, Climb Every Mountain and On My Own.

.The Youth Connection Theatre Company under the Direction of Past-President Linda Watson PHF, Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street.




26. Youth Connection singing music from: Les Miserables, Look Down, End of The Day, Drink With Me, Red & Black, Bring Him Home, Hear The People Sing, One Day More.

27. "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori - It is a sweet and becoming thing to die for ones country.”

The Band and Bugles of Durham Army Cadet Force ....................

28. Continue with music: Glory to The Heroes, Where Eagles Dare, Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines, and High On A Hill, while their audiece listens with appreciation.

29. Soloist, Mr Bob Nicholson, entertains singing: I Have Often Walked Down This Street Before, Come Fly With Me, That's Life, and The Foggy Day.


At the Going Down of the Sun, We Shall Remember Them.

30. Mrs Marjorie Dodds, The Town Crier, introduces 'Remembrance', as The Standard Bearer (below right) moves into position,
while the 'Hymn To The Fallen' is played by the band.
The Epitaph is given by Major Eric Ingram MBE DL, County President Royal British Legion, Northumbria. 
The 'Last Post' is performed by the Bugles of The Durham Army Cadet Force.


 31. Bob Nicholson & Jane Westwater perform: Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square, Roses In Picardy.

 32. The Finale: A rendition of Dolly Gray and other favourite songs of the day, led by the band and all performers and with the participation of the public, followed by 
'The Queen'.




 33. Rev. David Tully, Vicar St Mary & St Cuthbert Church, Chester-le-Street, gives his thanks and blessing to all concerned for a wonderful evening of music and Remembrance.

Fred Richards
Past President and,Paul Harris fellow.

This Concert marks the centenary of the end of the First World War and is a tribute to all those men and boys who fought in it

Rotary is very much concerned in encouraging the development of young people so our Rotary Club are delighted that so many are participation here tonight – either as musicians or by being involved in the smooth running of the event.

I would like to start by thanking the Rev David Tully and all his staff, for allowing us to use the Church and the Parish Centre for this event. We very much appreciate the participation this evening of Michael Prentice and his bell ringing team of St Mary & St Cuthberts. We are delighted that Marjorie Dodds, who is Chester-le-Street's Town Crier is here as our Narrator

In producing tonight's concert I am deeply indebted to my committee, namely Brian Corker, Francis Phillips, Bill Holden, Brian Straughan, Linda Watson, Ken Jackson, Jim Lawrence, Alex Nelson, President David Lindley & the members of the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street for all heir help and support in staging this Concert

A special thanks must go to to Major Colin Miller, Director of Music, with the Durham Army Cadet Force Band, Linda Watson and her team Bob Simpson & David Johnson of Youth Connection, for their invaluable help and expertise. Also to Major Eric Ingram MBE.DL for his guidance & support.

Our soloists deserve special acknowledgement, both have very busy lives but have given freely of their time “We thank them”.

To Carl Grffiths with the Sea Cadets, Matthew Burden and the Air Cadets, & William Oliver the Army Cadets, who are all on duty throughout the event. To Commander Steve Grainger and his team from the Sea Cadets for the catering this evening 
“ Many thanks to you all”.

Please support the local businesses who have been so generous in advertising. Many thanks also Allyson Rose, (Area Action Partnership) for her help & guidance, and our worthy Councillors for their financial support.

I do hope you all enjoy this Centenary Concert, and Celebration of music & song .

My final thanks go to you, the audience, for your support in attending tonight.

The Profit from this concert will go to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

Fred Richards


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