An annual ward by the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street to the local Student with the highest academic achievement, presented on Friday, 12th April 2019, to
Benjamin Williams

a former Student at The Hermitage School, Chester-le-Street, Co Durham.

Photographs below courtesy of Past-President Brian Corker PHF:-


Photo right: Rotarian John Stewart examines the Rose Trophy and enlightens us about the achievments of earlier winners

Photo left: Rotarian John Stewart Introduces the Rose Trophy Award Recipient, Benjamin Williams accompanied by his Parents Alistair and Stephanie, with Rotarian Keith Willis sitting beside them

Photo right: Benjamin receiving receiving

'The Rose Trophy'

from President David Lindley

of the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street.

Also a framed certificate and a cheque for £50.00 as part of his award.

Photo right: Benjamin Williams proudly holding the Rose Trophy

Photo Right: Benjamin accompanied by his parents

Mr & Mrs Alistair and Stephanie Williams

& President David Lindley


New Photographs from January 2019