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Rotary Wheel (14Kb)

A 'Proms Evening' at Methold Houses, Beamish, Co Durham,
hosted by the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street & the Rotary Club of Whickham
on Saturday, 22nd June 2013, commencing at 5.00 pm

Rotary Wheel (14Kb)

The 'Proms Evening' was held to raise funds in support of:
1. Haematology Charity Trust Northeast (a Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street chosen charity).
2. 'Save the Man' Prostate Cancer UK (a Rotary Club of Whickham chosen charity).
By the kind generosity of the people who attended the 'Proms Evening', a total of £1320 was raised (£660 each to the named charities).

Photographs courtesy of Helen Jobson, Photographer & Graphic Designer -
website: www.helenjobsonphotographer.com


Photo 1.  (l-r):  President George Craig, of the Rotary Club of Whickham, Past-President Bill Holden, District Governor Celia Leach, Rotary District 1030 & Past-President Kevin Jobson.
The 'Workers' (Stewards) are in the yellow tabards being encouraged to get out there and sell raffle tickets!

Photo 2.  The public gather and settle in...........

Photo 3. .............and the ladies prepare the goodies!

Photo 4.    Enjoying the evening and the music with friends...............

Photo 5.  ....... with the whole family.

Photo 6.  (l-r):  Alan Hedley and friend doing a good job manning one of the gates.

Photo 7.  The people continue to gather and settle in.

Photo 8.  Past-President Alan Campbell & his wife, June, enjoying themselves ............

Photo 9.   ........ with a small libation, while taking shelter from a shower.

Photo 10.  A view of Methold Houses as a back drop.

Photo 11.  President Linda Watson PHF (far right), briefing some members of her group, 'Youth Connection' in readiness to perform.

Photo 12.  A fine looking member of the 'Beamish Volunteers'.

Photo 13.  The 'Beamish Volunteers'.

Photo 14.  More members of the 'Beamish Volunteers'.

Photo 15.  A good audience enjoying the sun

Photo 16.     .......and more and more..........

Photo 17.  Stewards (l-r):  Rotarian Kevin Jobson, Andrew (a Rotary 'recruit') & Rotarian Tony Vass.

Photo 18.  Stewards (l-r):  Rotarians all - Bill Holden, Kevin Jobson, Jim Lawrence, Tony Atkinson, Tony Vass.

Photo 19.  Members of the St John's Ambulance Brigade.

Photo 20.   The audience watch the performers but, having come well prepared for the exigencies of the English weather, shelter from a shower.

A Selection of Brass Band Music
Musical Directors Jack Dodd & Norman Walker

Photo 21.  A young member of the 'New Geration Brass Band' plays a trumpet solo.

Photo 22. The 'New Geration Brass Band'  perform for the audience.

Photo 23. A Soloist and the 'New Geration Brass Band' entertain the audience, while their Conductor keeps an eye on things.

Photo 24. The 'New Geration Brass Band'.

Photo 25.  The 'New Geration Brass Band'.

Songs from Famous Musicals Past & Present
Musical Director Linda Watson

Photo 26.  President of the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street, Linda Watson PHF, introduces the theatre & drama group ' Youth Connection' of which she is the Director.

Photo 27.  President Linda Watson presents the 'James Etherington Music Trust' award to ? for ???

Photo 28.  'Youth Connection' entertaining the audience.

Photo 29.  'Youth Connection' entertaining the audience.

Photo 30.  'Youth Connection' entertaining the audience.

Photo 31.  'Youth Connection' entertaining the audience.

Photo 32.  'Youth Connection' entertaining the audience of young and old.

Photo 33.  'Youth Connection' entertaining the audience.

Photo 34.   A Solist of 'Youth Connection' performs 'Les Miserables'

Photo 35.   A Solist of 'Youth Connection' performs 'Les Miserables'

Photo 36.   A Solist of 'Youth Connection' performs 'Les Miserables'

Photo 37.   A Solist of 'Youth Connection' performs 'Les Miserables' backed by the rest of the group.

Photo 38.  'Youth Connection' performing 'Les Miserables'.

Photo 39.  'Youth Connection' performing 'Les Miserables' to a rapt audience.

Photo 40.  A picturesque view.

Photo 41.  An audience being entertained.

Photo 42.  A scenic view of he evening's event.

The Best of Brass
Musical Diector Mr Bryan Tait

Photo 43.  Two female Drummers of the NASUWT Concert Band

Photo 44.  Three male members of the NASUWT Concert Band

Photo 45.  The NASUWT Concert Band under the direction of Mr Bryan Tait.

Photo 46.  The NASUWT Concert Band under the direction of Mr Bryan Tait.

Photo 47.  A Soloist of the NASUWT Concert Band entertains the audience..

Photo 48. The audience enjoying the music................

Photo 49.  ............. in good company.

Photo 50.  Among the audience being entertained is (in the foreground) Mrs Hilda Tootill with Rotarian Tony Vass to her left.

Photo 51.  The residents of Methold Houses, with family and friends enjoying the entertinment.

Photo 52.  More residents of Methold Houses, family and friends enjoying the entertinment.

Photo 53.  ...... and the show goes on ...........

Photo 54.  The raffle!  District Governor Celia Leach introduces Lady Elsie Robson who will draw the raffle numbers.

Photo 55.  Lady Elsie Robson says a view words .........

Photo 56.  Rotarian Alan Campbell readies the box of raffle tickets for Lady Elsie Robson, while DG Celia Leach looks on.

Photo 57.  Rotarian Alan Campbell assists Lady Elsie Robson to do the draw.

Photo 58. Alan Campbell & Lady Robson wait, while DG Celia Leach explains!

Photo 59.  DG Celia Leach, A Winner and Lady Robson.

Photo 60.  Mrs Nancy Holden in conversation with her Grandson.

Photo 61.  The audience continues to to be entthralled as dusk descends on the 'Music at the Methold'.

Photo 63.  Nevertheless (fourth from right) Mrs Norma Richards and friends are determined to stay warm and carry on!

The lanterns are lit at twilight - time to go home!
Thank you to everyone for your kind & generous support.

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