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Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street
President Linda Watson PHF



President Linda Watson PHF being presented with a bouquet of flowers on her night.  She looks pleased with them!

District Governor, Celia Leach, of Rotary District 1030, the guest of honour, addressing Club members and guests.

Past President Alan Campbell PHF making his speech.

Official Guest, President Edna Hunter MBE, of the Rotary Club of Stanley, replying to one of the toasts.

The entertainment was provided by the local drama & theatre group, 'Youth Connection', here in full song under the direction of their Musical Director, President Linda Watson.

Past-President, Jim Lawrence PHF, in conversation with Past-President, Jack Straughan (seated).

Past-President, Jim Lawrence PHF, in jovial conversation with Past-President, Selwyn Beattie, the Secretary of the Rotary Club of Stanley.

The 'Holden Table' (seated l-r): Ashley Burland, Secretary and Past-President of the RC of Houghton-le-Spring, with his wife, Marjorie, Past-President Bill Holden and Mrs Nancy Holden in conversation with Past-PresidentAlan Campbell PHF and his wife June Campbell.

Foreground:  The 'Youth Connection' table, with other guests in the backgorund.

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