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Christmas holly (11Kb)

in the Parish Centre, Chester-le-Street,
on Thursday 6th December 2012.

Christmas holly (11Kb)


1.  President Linda Watson (standing) addressing the Guests before lunch.

2.  Preparing to serve lunch (l-r): Rotarian Alan & June Campbell, Rotarians Brian Straughan & Kenneth Howe - one of Santa's Helpers!

3.  Guests (l-r):

4.  Preparing to serve lunch (l-r): Rotarian Brian Straughan, Mrs Ursula Jobson , Rotarian Jack Laverick & Mrs Frieda Stewart.

5.  Food laid out & preparing to serve are (l-r): Rotarian Brian Straughan, Mrs Ursula Jobson, Rotarian Jack Laverick, Mrs June Campbell & Rotarian Alan Campbell.

6.  Rotarian Jack Laverick (standing) serving Guests at their table (l-r):

7.  President Linda Watson serving 4 Guests (l-r):

8.  Mountains of food ready to be served by (l-r) Mrs June Campbell, Rotarian (another of Santa's Helpers) John Stewart, Rotarian Brian Straughan, Mrs Frieda Stewart & Mrs Ursula Jobson.

9.  Santa's Wine Waiter, Rotarian Kenneth Howe, serving wine to Guests (l-r):

10.  Guests smiling for the camera (l-r):

11.  Three Guests all looking happy after lunch (l-r):

12.  Two more Guests looking happy (l-r):

13. Guests (l-r):

14. Guests (l-r):

15.  Rotarians Bill Holden & Kevin Jobson, with Mrs Ursula Jobson.

16. Mrs Ursula Jobson serving Guests - all in a festive mood!

17.  Santa's Helpers still on duty - Rotarian John & Frieda Stewart, with June Campbell in the background.

18.  President Linda Watson supervising the 'Carol Singing' aided by that ubiquitous Santa's Helper, Rotarian Kenneth Howe.

19.  Santa's Helper still hard at work, Kenneth Howe, leading Guests in the 'Christmas Carols'

20.  Carol singing led by that excellent Pianoist, Mr

21.  Rotarians Bill Holden & Kevin Jobson, with Mrs Frieda Stewart.

22.  President Linda Watson serving wine to Guests, aided by that Santa's Helper, Rotarian Kennth Howe.

23.  Rotarian Alan Campbell saying 'Thank You' to President Linda Watson for arranging the Christmas Lunch.

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