Up Rotary - James Etherington Music Awards 2012 Slideshow

On Saturday, 31st March 2012, 'The James Etherington Annual Music Trust' Competiton, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street, was held for promising young local Musicians and Singers who wish to further their musical training. The competition and presentations were held in the Methodist Church, Chester-le-Street, Co Durham. Photographs courtesy of Rotarian Brian Corker. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge it. The photographs can be viewed individually or as a slide show. Scroll down to read the description of each photograph.

trophy 1
Linda Opening
Dylan Childs
Bolin Dai
Sam Phillips 2
Rhea Rabot 2
Sam Phillips 1
Lewis Wilkinson
Cameron Barker 1
Cameron Barker 2
inner presentation 1
Winner 1
Winner 2012 Rhea Rabot
Rhea Rabot
Bolin Dai 2
Winner 2
Group 1
Group 2
Second Prize

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