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Rotary Wheel (14Kb)


held at the Methodist Church, Chester-le-Street, Co Durham, on Saturday 21st March 2015 at 7.00 pm.
An annual competition for aspiring local Musicians, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street.
Organised by Rotarian Bob Watson BEM PHF, Chairman, and Mr Peter Driscoll, Secretary,
of 'The James Etherington Music Trust' Competition.
Photographs courtesy of Rotarian Tony Vass.

Rotary Wheel (14Kb)


1. President John Tootill, Rotary Club of Chester-le-Street, opening the 'James Etherington Music Trust' Competition.

2. Rotarian Bob Watson BEM PHF, Awards Chairman, addressing the competitors and audience.

3.  Mr Stephen Wroe, Trust Treasurer & Master of Ceremonies for the competition.


4. Angel Chan (Piano).  Angel attends Durham Johnston Comprehensive School and is currently in her final year of sixth form. There she studies biology, chemistry and maths; hoping to pursue a career in medicine. She likes to participate in the weekly school orchestra. Furthermore, she has been involved in senior choir for many years, and hopes to be involved in more music-related extra-curricular activities in her gap year, such as joining a local orchestra. She has passed her diploma ABRSM on the piano and is hoping to do her grade 8 violin exam in the summer.

5. Susanna Ward (Viola).  Susanna Ward is a sixth-form student at Durham Johnston Comprehensive School, currently studying for maths, biology and music A-levels. She hopes to study either sciences or music at university. Her first instrument was the piano, and she has been learning the violin since she was eight. Susanna is involved in many music ensembles, including the Young Sinfonia chamber orchestra, Durham County Youth Choir and Orchestra North East. She began the viola two years ago, and has enjoyed exploring its diverse repertoire.

6. Tom Brooke (Singer).  Tom is a second year Music student at Durham University. Tom began singing in choirs at the age of four with the at Great Saint Mary's, Cambridge. He then moved on through the treble line, serving as Head Chorister, and joined the back row as a tenor. He then was appointed Tenor Choral Scholar at Portsmouth Cathedral for his gap year and is now a Choral Scholar at Durham Cathedral and also sings with the Durham University Chamber Choir. Last year he took part in the Ryton Music Festival, where he won the Male Voice Song Class and also the Championship Solo Song Class. Recent solo work includes Handel's Acis and Galatea, Bach's St John Passion and Mass in B Minor.

7. Jolanda Griipstra (Singer).  Jolanda Grijpstra is a 23 year old student at the University of Durham studying Classics and Ancient History. Originally from the Netherlands, she only moved to the UK in September 2014 to do an M.A here. She is a light lyric soprano currently training under Austin Gunn. Due to his encouragement she is currently trying to get accepted into an M.Mus in performance at the University of Hull.


8. Winner: Susanna Ward (Viola) receiving the 'James Etherington Music Trust Trophy' and a cheque for £350 from Mrs Mary Elliott, a former Trust member.

9. Runner-up: Tom Brooke (Singer) receiving the 'Derwentside Singer's Trophy' - and a cheque for £200, from Mrs Mary Elliott.
NB: The 'Derwentside Singers' Trophy', a Silver Salver, was given to the James Etherington Music Trust to present as a prize by the Consett Music Festival Committee on the ending of the Consett Music Festival earlier this year (2015).

10. Other Contestants: Angel Chan & Jolanda Griipstra receiving their runners-up cheques of £50 each, from Mrs Mary Elliott.

11. The Winning Finalist, Susanna Ward, holding 'The James Etherington Music Trust Trophy', which also comes with a cheque for £350.

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