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'Christmas Message 2014'

The 'Christmas Message' was delivered by Major Michael Barker, Salvation Army, Chester-le-Street, Co Durham UK,
on Friday, 19th December 2014, at Chester-le-Street Glof Club.






Photo-left: President's Table: (r-l): Mrs Angela Vass, Mrs Hilda Tootill, President John Tootill, Major Michael Barker Salvation Army, Mrs Ursula Jobson, Past-President Kevin Jobson (Secretary).





Photo-right: (l-r): Mrs Renee Donkin, Past-President John Fairlamb (RC of Stanley), Rotarian Alan Hedley (RC of Stanley), Mrs Cynthia Coxon, Past-President David Coxon (RC of Blaydon Ryton & Whickham), Mrs Dorothy Hedley, Rotarian Eric Donkin.





Photo-left: (l-r): Mrs Olive Murrell, Mrs Shirley Corbett, Mrs Jean Vince, Mr David Holborn, Past-President Alan Campbell PHF, Mrs June Campbell, Mrs June Grimson, Mrs Elizabeth Taylor, Mrs Dorothy Emmerson.





Photo-right: (l-r): Mrs Myra Woodhouse, Past-President Bob Watson BEM PHF, MrsBetty Driscoll & Mr Peter Driscoll, Mrs Jean Watson, Mr Alan Woodhouse.





Photo-left: (l-r): Past-President Brian Straughan, Mr Fred Johnson, Past-President Jim Lawarence PHF, Past-President Petetr Usher PHF, Past-President Dr Bill Duke, Rotarian George Nattrass,





Photo-right: (l-r): Mrs Norma Ricghards, Mr Alistair Lowe, ? --- ?, Mrs Patricia Lowe, Past-President Fred Richards PHF.





Photo-left: (l-r): Rotarian Ken Jackson (Treasurer), Mrs Joyce Lee, Rotarian David Hughes PHF, Past-President Bill Holden PHF, Mrs Nancy Holden, Colonel (retd) A. K. Johnson MBE TD MInst RE DL (Tyne & Wear), Mrs Janice Jackson.





Photo-right: (l-r): From the other end: Mrs Ursula Jobson, Major Michael Barker, Salvation Army, President John Tootill, Mrs Hilda Tootill, Mrs Angela Vass, Rotarian Tony Vass.





Photo-left:  Major Michael Barker, Salvation Army, Chester-le-Street, delivering the Christmas Message.

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