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Photograph Album - Christmas Message 2013

The Christmas Message of 2013 was delivered by the Rev. Dan Christian, Curate,
of St Mary & St Cuthbert's Parish Church, Chester-le-Street, Co Durtham,
on Friday, 20th December 2013, at the Durham County (Emirates) Cricket Ground.



Photographs courtesy of Helen Jobson, Photographer & Graphic Designer.
Website: www.helenjobsonphotographer.com


Photo left:  chit-chat before lunch.

Photo right:  More chit-chat before lunch.

Photo left:  Member & guests waiting for the meeting to start.

Photo right:  Guest Speaker, Rev. Dan Christian (2nd right) talking to Mrs Pauline Nelson, wife of President Alex Nelson.

President Alex Nelson formally opens the meeting with a smile and a joke on his lips!

Photo left:  Secretary, Kevin Jobson, making the Secretary's announcements - he's telling a joke really but President Alex doesn't appear to think much of it!

(NB: The scarf hanging over the lecturn was left behind at the last meeting and is waiting to be claimed)

Photo right: Rev. Dan Christian commencing his Christmas Message with a marketing ploy on behalf of 'John Lewis'.

Photo left:  Rev. Dan delivering the Christmas Message to an attentive audience.

Photo right:  Rev. Dan continues his Christian theme as he delivers the Christmas Message 2013 to Rotarians, their wives, family & friends.


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