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'Away Day'

Visit to the 'Black Horse', Beamish, for lunch, followed by a guided tour of the Aston Martin Workshops, Beamish, Co Durham,
on Tuesday 10th February 2015, organised by Rotarian Alan Campbell PHF.

Photographs courtesy of Helen Jobson, Photographer & Graphic Designer,
website: www.helenjobsonphotographer.com

RotaryWheel (18Kb)


Photo-1 (l-r): (Group Photo) Jim Lawrence, Philip Holden, Alistair Broadwith, Alan Campbell, Fred Richards, Bob Watson, Brian Straughan, Alex Nelson, Peter Kell, Kenneth Jackson, Kevin Jobson

Photo-2: Lunch in the 'Black Horse', Beamish (l-r): Tony Vass, Kevin Jobson, Alan Campbell, Bob Watson, Kenneth Jackson, Peter Kell, Philip Holden, Alistair Broadwith, Fred Richards, Jim Lawrence, Brian Straughan, Alex Nelson.

Photo-3: Lunch in the 'Black Horse', Beamish (same names from the other end of the table).

Photo-4 (l-r): Peter Kell, Alistair Broadwith and Fred Richards (Fred hoping to persuade Norma that he has had no chips with his lunch!).

Photo-5: Briefing by the Tour Guide, before beginning the tour of the Aston Martin Workshops.

Photo-6: an engrossed Alan Campbell & Tony Vass.

Photo-7:  Moving on ...... but is Alan Campbell considering buying the car?

Photo-8: the tour continues ..........

Photo-9: Lots to see but no-one appears inclined to buy!!

Photo-10: Tour Guide explaining the finer points to Alistair Broadwith and Alan Campbell.

Photo-11: Tour Guide explaining the details of refurbishing expensive cars.

Photo-12:  Explaining how this Aston Martin came into the possession of the Company and the cost of purchasing it.

Photo-13: Tour Guide continues ........ explaining how this Aston Martin came into the possession of the Company and its purchase price now.

Photo-14:  A smiling Kevin Jobson.  Phew! End of tour and his wallet is still intact in his pocket!


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